Locked Wings Wildlife Services

Who we are
My name is Hunter Johnson, I own and operate Locked Wings Wildlife Services in Central
Arkansas. For most of my adult life I have worked to improve wildlife habitat; from designing and constructing major wetland restoration projects, to building and installing water control structures, draining timber and farmland, wetland & green timber reservoir management, and nuisance wildlife control.

    Over the last 25 years, I have worked for and in conjunction with various agencies including Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Missouri Dept of Conservation, Ducks Unlimited, NRCS, Drainage Districts, State Highway Depts, County Road Boards and numerous hunting clubs and farmers throughout Arkansas and Missouri.

    I am not a biologist, however I do work in conjunction with several different biologist, and consult with them as the need arises. Our specialty is nuisance wildlife control, focusing primarily on beaver control & eradication; but we also do a lot more! We fill the gap between the biologist and the landowner, things that the biologist doesn't normally do and things that you the landowner or lessee doesn't have the time or the resources to handle. We don’t
charge big fees and we don't use language that you don’t understand, we are here to help you!

We assist you in things like:

      Beaver Control & Eradication

      Predator & Hog control

      Dam removal & Draining solutions

      Property Marking & Trespass control

      Property & Habitat management


We serve the Arkansas Counties of White, Woodruff, Prairie, Cross, St. Francis, Lonoke, Monroe, and Arkansas



Locked Wings Wildlife Services

Hunter Johnson
101 Glennview Rd.
Judsonia, AR 72081

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